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Bringing Brian Orakpo Back Was a Smart Move by the Redskins

Brian Orakpo

Brian Orakpo

The Washington Redskins did the right thing by using the franchise tag on LB Brian Orakpo in my opinion. I admit to being against the team bringing him back on a huge multi-year deal because I don’t think he’s produced enough and has been injury prone.

But after hearing that defensive coordinator Jim Haslett plans on letting Orakpo pin his ears back and rush the passer more I think using the franchise tag on him was the right thing to do. This is nothing more than a one-year deal and it’s worth the gamble.

I know the team says they’re working on a multi-year deal with his agents, but I wouldn’t give him anything more until I see him producing on the field this fall. That way if anything goes wrong we’re not eating another bad contract.

I think he’s been misused from day one and should have been used as a pass rusher from the get-go.

It would suck to see him go to another team that uses him the right way and watch him have a monster 18-sack season. Remember Carlos Rogers, Ryan Clark, and Antonio Pierce all left here and blossomed elsewhere.

Who knows how things will turn out, but I think the team did the right thing here. What’s your opinion?


Can the Wizards Stay in the Playoff Race Without Nene?

neneThe Washington Wizards were dealt a serious blow with Nene going down for six weeks with a sprained MCL in yesterday’s win in Cleveland. The road to their first postseason berth in five years has just gotten a little tougher.

There’s no doubt that this is a huge loss for the Wizards, but they can remain in the hunt without him in the lineup. I can’t believe so many people are acting like this season has just went down the toilet and the team will fall out of the Eastern Conference playoff race without Nene on the court.

I know his absence will hurt, but I believe the team can overcome this and remain in the playoff hunt as long as they don’t suffer anymore serious injuries. The recent trade for Andre Miller and the return to health by Al Harrington have come at the perfect time because they will help to fill the void.

I think Kevin Seraphin’s been playing well and will step into a bigger role along with Trevor Booker until Nene can return to the court. The good news is that Nene will be able to return before the end of the season and be able to contribute in the postseason.

The Wizards are 28-28 with 26 games remaining in the regular season and currently sitting in the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. They have a five and a half game lead on the ninth seeded Detroit Pistons, but only a game and a half up on the eighth seeded Atlanta Hawks.

John Wall has shown tremendous growth this season as a floor leader and I can’t say enough about how important Trevor Ariza has been this season scoring the basketball and playing some great defense. Bradley Beal’s game has improved as well and I think they have enough to nail down a playoff berth without the big man playing right now.

Another factor to look at is the Wizards have a favorable schedule the rest of the way.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Scoring Projections

Here’s an early look at some player projections for the upcoming 2014 Fantasy Baseball season. This is a chart that I came across on CBS Sports and is based off  using a Head-to-Head scoring format.

I’m going to be releasing my own player rankings over the coming weeks as we get closer to draft time. I don’t agree with all of the scoring projections below, but I do think pitcher Clayton Kershaw will be the highest scoring player again this season if he stays healthy.

Now that football has entered the offseason I can’t stop thinking about the upcoming baseball season. I’ve been putting the final touches on my draft preparations.

I’m going to have more fantasy sports coverage on the site starting with this baseball season and here’s a brief listing of what you can expect to see:

  • Player Rankings
  • Sits/Starts Lists
  • Waiver Wire Pickups
  • Sleepers and Busts
  • Strategy and More

I’m also going to delve into the world of the daily fantasy cash leagues. Can you really make money playing fantasy sports? I’ve never played in any of the daily leagues, yet. But I’m on my way and I’m going to chronicle the journey on here for anyone who wants to follow along to see how things turn out.



League Leaders by Position



2014 Season
Joe Mauer, MIN 0.311 13 84 486
Carlos Santana, CLE 0.262 23 78 442
Buster Posey, SF 0.304 19 84 425
Jonathan Lucroy, MIL 0.291 20 79 412
Matt Wieters, BAL 0.254 24 85 383
Evan Gattis, ATL 0.253 27 89 371



First Basemen

2014 Season
Paul Goldschmidt, ARI 0.310 33 118 601
Joey Votto, CIN 0.316 27 85 554
Prince Fielder, TEX 0.289 31 110 531
Edwin Encarnacion, TOR 0.273 34 97 513
Freddie Freeman, ATL 0.287 25 101 477
Chris Davis, BAL 0.269 43 103 477



Second Basemen

2014 Season
Robinson Cano, SEA 0.307 29 105 539
Dustin Pedroia, BOS 0.291 11 78 493
Matt Carpenter, STL 0.298 12 66 489
Ian Kinsler, DET 0.264 18 68 481
Jason Kipnis, CLE 0.263 18 79 460
Martin Prado, ARI 0.297 14 79 452



Third Basemen

2014 Season
Miguel Cabrera, DET 0.326 41 126 614
Evan Longoria, TB 0.281 33 101 512
Adrian Beltre, TEX 0.307 30 95 493
Matt Carpenter, STL 0.298 12 66 489
David Wright, NYM 0.298 22 84 484
Josh Donaldson, OAK 0.281 22 86 455




2014 Season
Troy Tulowitzki, COL 0.301 30 98 484
Hanley Ramirez, LAD 0.298 26 88 476
Jose Reyes, TOR 0.293 14 54 475
Elvis Andrus, TEX 0.277 5 61 463
Ben Zobrist, TB 0.273 15 73 434
Jean Segura, MIL 0.281 8 43 433




2014 Season
Mike Trout, LAA 0.307 32 101 622
Andrew McCutchen, PIT 0.313 24 92 549
Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY 0.294 12 57 521
Ryan Braun, MIL 0.296 28 96 499
Carlos Gonzalez, COL 0.293 30 91 493
Adam Jones, BAL 0.280 31 91 489



Starting Pitchers

2014 Season
Player W K ERA PTS
Clayton Kershaw, LAD 20 240 2.49 708
Justin Verlander, DET 19 238 2.95 635
Adam Wainwright, STL 19 210 3.01 635
Cliff Lee, PHI 15 213 2.95 599
Max Scherzer, DET 18 229 3.04 592
Felix Hernandez, SEA 15 222 2.97 589



Relief Pitchers

2014 Season
Player S K ERA PTS
Craig Kimbrel, ATL 47 97 1.46 525
Greg Holland, KC 44 99 1.61 500
Kenley Jansen, LAD 40 104 1.95 489
Trevor Rosenthal, STL 43 98 2.25 488
Aroldis Chapman, CIN 42 109 2.05 483
Koji Uehara, BOS 37 87 1.85 445


Michael Sam’s Announcement Will Hurt His NFL Draft Stock, But It Shouldn’t

michael samI don’t care what people around the NFL say leading up to this year’s draft about Michael Sam coming out of the closet and announcing to the world he’s gay. People will all try to say the politically correct stuff, but this announcement will hurt his draft stock and there’s no way in this world will I change my perception until proven wrong.

His sexual orientation is his business as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t think he should have come out before the NFL Draft because it’s going to cost him a lot of money. He’s already starting to slide down some predraft boards. He’s fallen from #90 to #110 on NFL Draft Scout’s rankings.

NFL teams don’t like to have distractions and anyone who takes a chance on this kid will be bringing a media circus to town with him. There’s no way of getting around it now that the cat’s out of the bag.

I give the kid credit for having the balls to make this announcement to the world, but must question the timing and what the fallout will be for him.

The good thing for him is that he’s got enough talent to play in the NFL and to help a team win football games. That is the bottom line, winning football games. But this announcement does throw a huge wrinkle into the equation that will make this a fascinating story to follow over the next few months.

We all knew that an active player would come out of the closet one day, but this is more than that because this guy isn’t even in the league yet.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’d have no problem with the Washington Redskins being the team that picks this kid. He’s a defensive playmaker and would help them to win football games, period!

Check out his college highlights below and let me know what you think about his announcement and NFL future. Would you want your favorite team to draft him?

2014 Spring Training Reporting Dates

2014 spring training

The Arizona Diamondbacks will be the first team to have pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training starting later today. They’re getting an early start because they will open the regular season in Sydney, Australia against the Los Angeles Dodgers on March 22-23.

The odd thing is that both teams will then return home and play another week’s worth of Spring Training games before resuming their regular season schedule.

The chart below has the reporting dates for all 30 MLB teams.


2014 Spring Training Reporting Dates: Major-League Teams

Organization Pitchers & Catchers First
First full workout
Arizona D-Backs Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 11 Feb. 12
Atlanta Braves Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
Baltimore Orioles Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
Boston Red Sox Feb. 15 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 20
Chicago Cubs Feb.13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
Chicago White Sox Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 21
Cincinnati Reds Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Cleveland Indians Feb. 11 Feb. 13 Feb. 15 Feb. 17
Colorado Rockies Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 21 Feb. 22
Detroit Tigers Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
Houston Astros Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Kansas City Royals Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Los Angeles Angels Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
Los Angeles Dodgers Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 13 Feb. 14
Miami Marlins Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 20 Feb. 21
Milwaukee Brewers Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 21 Feb. 22
Minnesota Twins Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 21 Feb. 22
New York Mets Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 21
New York Yankees Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Oakland Athletics Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Philadelphia Phillies Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
Pittsburgh Pirates Feb. 12 Feb.13 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
St. Louis Cardinals Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
San Diego Padres Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
San Francisco Giants Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
Seattle Mariners Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
Tampa Bay Rays Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 19 Feb.20
Texas Rangers Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 19 Feb. 20
Blue Jays
Feb. 16 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21
Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 19
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Washington Nationals 2014 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

Nats Logo

This is the 2014 Spring Training broadcast schedule for the Washington NationalsI can’t wait for the baseball season to get here and see how this team does under rookie manager Matt Williams.

The talent is here to battle the Braves for the N.L. East and anything less would be a major disappointment in my opinion. But I’ll get into all that stuff later.










1:10 p.m.

Port St. Lucie, FL

WJFK 1580AM / WFED 1500AM

7:00 p.m. on tape delay: 106.7 The Fan


vs. MIA

1:05 p.m.




vs. HOU

1:05 p.m.


WJFK 1580AM / WFED 1500AM

7:00 p.m. on tape delay: 106.7 The Fan


vs. ATL

1:05 p.m.


WJFK 1580AM / WFED 1500AM


vs. STL

1:05 p.m.


MASN / 106.7 The Fan / WFED 1500AM


vs. HOU

6:05 p.m.




vs. NYY

1:05 p.m.





1:05 p.m.




vs. HOU

6:05 p.m.




vs. DET

1:05 p.m.


WJFK 1580AM / WFED 1500AM


vs. MIA

1:05 p.m.


106.7 The Fan / WFED 1500AM




vs. NYM

1:10 p.m.

1:05 p.m.

Port St. Lucie, FL


106.7 The Fan / WFED 1500AM



vs. DET

2:05 p.m.



* Subject to change

Super Bowl 48 Prediction

Super Bowl 48We’ve got an intriguing Super Bowl matchup between the high-powered Denver Broncos and the defensively dominant Seattle Seahawks. I’m not too crazy about the game being played in New York and outdoors in the cold weather, but it is what it is I guess.

If the Broncos can score at least 24 points I think they will come away with the franchise’s third Lombardi Trophy and Peyton Manning will become the first QB to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. But reaching 24 points against the tough Seahawks defense out in the cold could be a hard thing to do.

The Broncos averaged an NFL-record 37.9 points a game, becoming the first team to score more than 600 points in a season. The stingy Seahawks allow only 14.4 points per game and have the players needed to slow down the potent Broncos offense.

Something has to give and it’s usually the offensive team in games like this. This matchup reminds me a lot of the 1990 Super Bowl between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

The Bills had the powerful offense and the Lawrence Taylor led Giants had one of the nastiest defensive units in the history of the NFL that year. The Giants came away with a hard-fought 20-19 win.

I do think this will be a very tight and hotly contested football game that will go into the fourth quarter up for grabs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it come down to a last second field goal.

My head is telling me the Seahawks will prevail, but my gut is telling me the Broncos will find a way to get it done.

Prediction: Broncos 27 Seahawks 23


New Look Pro Bowl is a Hit

NFL PRO BOWLThe new-look NFL Pro Bowl was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and turned out to be a pretty decent game compared to past years. The game was more competitive and went down to the wire before we had a winner. It resembled a real football game!

I had lost all interest in the Pro Bowl years ago and wasn’t really sure what to expect when the league decided to shake things up with a new format, but I’ve got to give them credit on improving the game. I’ll be back to watching it on a yearly basis again!

But there’s two things I’d like to see the league do moving forward:

  1. Keep the game in Hawaii
  2. Play it after the Super Bowl so all teams will have players in the game. Playing it a week before makes absolutely no sense to me.


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2014 NFL Unrestricted Free Agents

2014 Unrestricted Free Agents

2014 Unrestricted Free Agents


Here’s a list of unrestricted free agents by position when the 2014 NFL Free Agent signing period begins on March 11. There’s some good talent that will be available.



Derek Anderson, Carolina Panthers
Jimmy Clausen, Carolina Panthers
Kellen Clemens, St. Louis Rams
Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers
Josh Freeman, Minnesota Vikings
David Garrard, New York Jets
Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins
Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars
Shaun Hill, Detroit Lions
Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks
Jon Kitna, Dallas Cowboys
Josh McCown, Chicago Bears
Luke McCown, New Orleans Saints
Colt McCoy, San Francisco 49ers
Dan Orlovsky, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Curtis Painter, New York Giants
Jordan Palmer, Chicago Bears
Brady Quinn, St. Louis Rams
Rusty Smith, Tennessee Titans
Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
Charlie Whitehurst, San Diego Chargers

Running backs

Jackie Battle, Tennessee Titans
Kahlil Bell, Green Bay Packers
LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots
Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts
Andre Brown, New York Giants
Donald Brown, Indianapolis Colts
Ronnie Brown, San Diego Chargers
Delone Carter, Jacksonville Jaguars
Tashard Choice, Indianapolis Colts
Anthony Dixon, San Francisco 49ers
Jonathan Dwyer, Pittsburgh Steelers
Toby Gerhart, Minnesota Vikings
Ray Graham, Houston Texans
Jonathan Grimes, Houston Texans
Peyton Hillis, New York Giants
Rashad Jennings, Oakland Raiders
Felix Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers
Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars
Deji Karim, Houston Texans
Spencer Larsen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brian Leonard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders
Willis McGahee, Cleveland Browns
Rashard Mendenhall, Arizona Cardinals
Knowshon Moreno, Denver Broncos
Tauren Poole, Indianapolis Colts
Darius Reynaud, New York Jets
Bernard Scott, Baltimore Ravens
Chad Spann, Houston Texans
James Starks, Green Bay Packers
LaRod Stephens-Howling, Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Tate, Houston Texans
Leon Washington, Tennessee Titans
George Winn, Dallas Cowboys


Chris Gronkowski, San Diego Chargers
Lex Hilliard, New York Jets
Greg Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars
John Kuhn, Green Bay Packers
Erik Lorig, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michael Robinson, Seattle Seahawks

Wide receivers

Seyi Ajirotutu, San Diego Chargers
Danario Alexander, San Diego Chargers
Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers
Deion Branch, Indianapolis Colts
Dezmon Briscoe, Washington Redskins
Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans
Plaxico Burress, Pittsburgh Steelers
Andre Caldwell, Denver Broncos
Arceto Clark, Seattle Seahawks
Riley Cooper, Philadelphia Eagles
Terrance Cooper, Kansas City Chiefs
Austin Collie, New England Patriots
Jerricho Cotchery, Pittsburgh Steelers
Josh Cribbs, New York Jets
Eric Decker, Denver Broncos
Julian Edelman, New England Patriots
Jacoby Ford, Oakland Raiders
Ted Ginn, Carolina Panthers
Chad Hall, Kansas City Chiefs
Lavelle Hawkins, San Diego Chargers
Adam Henry, St. Louis Rams
Devin Hester, Chicago Bears
Darrius Heyward-Bey, Indianapolis Colts
Domenik Hixon, Carolina Panthers
Jerrell Jackson, Kansas City Chiefs
Jacoby Jones, Baltimore Ravens
James Jones, Green Bay Packers
Brandon Kaufman, Buffalo Bills
Brandon LaFell, Carolina Panthers
Josh Lenz, Indianapolis Colts
Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles
Mario Manningham, San Francisco 49ers
Marc Mariani, Tennessee Titans
Dexter McCluster, Kansas City Chiefs
Robert Meachem, New Orleans Saints
Marlon Moore, Miami Dolphins
Josh Morgan, Washington Redskins
Santana Moss, Washington Redskins
Louis Murphy, New York Giants
Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants
Kevin Ogletree, Detroit Lions
Kassim Osgood, San Francisco 49ers
Taylor Price, Jacksonville Jaguars
Andre Roberts, Arizona Cardinals
Emmanuel Sanders, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jerome Simpson, Minnesota Vikings
Micheal Spurlock, Detroit Lions
Brandon Stokley, Baltimore Ravens
Julian Talley, New York Giants
Brandon Tate, Cincinnati Bengals
Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks
Tiquan Underwood, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kevin Walter, Tennessee Titans
Bryan Walters, Seattle Seahawks
Joe Webb, Minnesota Vikings
Damian Williams, Tennessee Titans
Kyle Williams, Kansas City Chiefs

Tight ends

Kyle Adams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jake Ballard, Arizona Cardinals
Nate Byham, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills
Dallas Clark, Baltimore Ravens
Chase Coffman, Atlanta Falcons
Jeff Cumberland, New York Jets
Fred Davis, Washington Redskins
Kellen Davis, Seattle Seahawks
Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens
Jim Dray, Arizona Cardinals
Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers
Garrett Graham, Houston Texans
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Clay Harbor, Jacksonville Jaguars
Ben Hartsock, Carolina Panthers
Michael Hoomanawanui, New England Patriots
David Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers
Dustin Keller, Miami Dolphins
Jeff King, Arizona Cardinals
Jeron Mastrud, Oakland Raiders
Anthony McCoy, Seattle Seahawks
Matthew Mulligan, New England Patriots
Brandon Myers, New York Giants
Michael Palmer, Pittsburgh Steelers
Bear Pascoe, New York Giants
Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions
Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens
Andrew Quarless, Green Bay Packers
Dante Rosario, Chicago Bears
Tony Scheffler, Detroit Lions
Alex Smith, Cincinnati Bengals
Kory Sperry, Arizona Cardinals
D.J. Williams, New England Patriots
Kellen Winslow, New York Jets

Offensive tackles

Branden Albert, Kansas City Chiefs
Khalif Barnes, Oakland Raiders
Charles Brown, New Orleans Saints
Rashad Butler, Pittsburgh Steelers
Tyson Clabo, Miami Dolphins
Anthony Collins, Cincinnati Bengals
David Diehl, New York Giants
Jason Fox, Detroit Lions
Andrew Gardner, Houston Texans
Breno Giacomini, Seattle Seahawks
Jordan Gross, Carolina Panthers
Ryan Harris, Houston Texans
Austin Howard, New York Jets
Winston Justice, Denver Broncos
Jeff Linkenbach, Indianapolis Colts
Sean Locklear, Atlanta Falcons
Bryant McKinnie, Miami Dolphins
Eugene Monroe, Baltimore Ravens
Marshall Newhouse, Green Bay Packers
Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens
Mike Otto, Tennessee Titans
Tony Pashos, Oakland Raiders
Dennis Roland, Cincinnati Bengals
Rodger Saffold, St. Louis Rams
Jonathan Scott, Chicago Bears
Zach Strief, New Orleans Saints
Will Svitek, New England Patriots
Jeremy Trueblood, Atlanta Falcons
Jared Veldheer, Oakland Raiders
J’Marcus Webb, Minnesota Vikings
Guy Whimper, Pittsburgh Steelers
Eric Winston, Arizona Cardinals
Sam Young, Jacksonville Jaguars


Jon Asamoah, Kansas City Chiefs
Zane Beadles, Denver Broncos
Kevin Boothe, New York Giants
Eben Britton, Chicago Bears
Bruce Campbell, Carolina Panthers
Willie Colon, New York Jets
Oniel Cousins, Cleveland Browns
Vlad Ducasse, New York Jets
Mike Gibson, Arizona Cardinals
Geoff Hangartner, Carolina Panthers
Richie Incognito, Miami Dolphins
John Jerry, Miami Dolphins
Charlie Johnson, Minnesota Vikings
Mike Johnson, Indianapolis Colts
Shawn Lauvao, Cleveland Browns
Jamon Meredith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Paul McQuistan, Seattle Seahawks
Rich Ohrnberger, San Diego Chargers
Seth Olsen, Minnesota Vikings
Chad Rinehart, San Diego Chargers
Mike Pollak, Cincinnati Bengals
Geoff Schwartz, Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Scott, Carolina Panthers
Jason Spitz, Seattle Seahawks
Wade Smith, Houston Texans
Brian Waters, Dallas Cowboys
Travelle Wharton, Carolina Panthers
Garry Williams, Carolina Panthers


Joe Berger, Minnesota Vikings
Ryan Cook, Dallas Cowboys
Brian De La Puente, New Orleans Saints
Evan Dietrich-Smith, Green Bay Packers
Dylan Gandy, Detroit Lions
Roberto Garza, Chicago Bears
Jonathan Goodwin, San Francisco 49ers
Andre Gurode, Oakland Raiders
Joe Hawley, Atlanta Falcons
Dan Koppen, Denver Broncos
Ted Larsen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Alex Mack, Cleveland Browns
Kevin Matthews, Tennessee Titans
Mike McGlynn, Indianapolis Colts
Brad Meester, Jacksonville Jaguars
Dominic Raiola, Detroit Lions
Chris Spencer, Tennessee Titans
Rob Turner, Tennessee Titans

Steve Vallos, Denver Broncos
Fernando Velasco, Pittsburgh Steelers
Cody Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers
J.D. Walton, Washington Redskins
Ryan Wendell, New England Patriots

Defensive ends

Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings
Robert Ayers, Denver Broncos
Marcus Benard, Arizona Cardinals
Michael Bennett, Seattle Seahawks
Andre Carter, New England Patriots
Kenyon Coleman, New Orleans Saints
Keyunta Dawson, New Orleans Saints
Everson Griffen, Minnesota Vikings
Greg Hardy, Carolina Panthers
Lamarr Houston, Oakland Raiders
Jason Hunter, Oakland Raiders
Israel Idonije, Detroit Lions
Tyson Jackson, Kansas City Chiefs
Arthur Jones, Baltimore Ravens
Michael Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals
Brett Keisel, Pittsburgh Steelers
Ricardo Mathews, Indianapolis Colts
Jeremy Mincey, Denver Broncos
Mike Neal, Green Bay Packers
Frostee Rucker, Arizona Cardinals
Matt Shaughnessy, Arizona Cardinals
Lawrence Sidbury, Indianapolis Colts
Antonio Smith, Houston Texans
Anthony Spencer, Dallas Cowboys
Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Justin Tuck, New York Giants
Corey Wootton, Chicago Bears
C.J. Wilson, Green Bay Packers
Jarius Wynn, Dallas Cowboys
Willie Young, Detroit Lions

Defensive tackles

Jonathan Babineaux, Atlanta Falcons
Chris Baker, Seattle Seahawks
Alex Carrington, Buffalo Bills
Terrence Cody, Baltimore Ravens
Landon Cohen, Chicago Bears
Colin Cole, Carolina Panthers
Nate Collins, Chicago Bears
Brandon Deaderick, Jacksonville Jaguars
Leger Douzable, New York Jets
Fred Evans, Minnesota Vikings
Andre Fluellen, Detroit Lions
Aubrayo Franklin, Indianapolis Colts
Clifton Geathers, Philadelphia Eagles
Gary Gibson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jason Hatcher, Dallas Cowboys
Ziggy Hood, Pittsburgh Steelers
Peria Jerry, Atlanta Falcons
Antonio Johnson, Tennessee Titans
Johnny Jolly, Green Bay Packers
Linval Joseph, New York Giants
Kyle Love, Jacksonville Jaguars
Tony McDaniel, Seattle Seahawks
Clinton McDonald, Seattle Seahawks
Henry Melton, Chicago Bears
Earl Mitchell, Houston Texans
Fili Moala, Indianapolis Colts
Daniel Muir, Oakland Raiders
Mike Patterson, New York Giants
Corey Peters, Atlanta Falcons
Ryan Pickett, Green Bay Packers
Ropati Pitoitua, Tennessee Titans
B.J. Raji, Green Bay Packers
Jay Ratliff, Chicago Bears
Shaun Rogers, New York Giants
Pat Sims, Oakland Raiders
Paul Soliai, Miami Dolphins
Randy Starks, Miami Dolphins
Cam Thomas, San Diego Chargers
Vance Walker, Oakland Raiders
Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings
Al Woods, Pittsburgh Steelers

Outside linebackers

James Anderson, Chicago Bears
Michael Boley, Cincinnati Bengals
Jonathan Casillas, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jo-Lonn Dunbar, St. Louis Rams
Larry English, San Diego Chargers
Omar Gaither, Atlanta Falcons
Parys Haralson, New Orleans Saints
Adam Hayward, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Will Herring, New Orleans Saints
Rob Jackson, Washington Redskins
Edgar Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Rocky McIntosh, Detroit Lions
Marvin Mitchell, Minnesota Vikings
Brian Orakpo, Washington Redskins
Calvin Pace, New York Jets
Shaun Phillips, Denver Broncos
Keith Rivers, New York Giants
Jordan Senn, Carolina Panthers
O’Brien Schofield, Seattle Seahawks
Ernie Sims, Dallas Cowboys
Darryl Tapp, Washington Redskins
Reggie Walker, San Diego Chargers
Dekoda Watson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jamaal Westerman, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jason Worilds, Pittsburgh Steelers
Frank Zombo, Kansas City Chiefs

Inside linebackers

Pat Angerer, Indianapolis Colts
Nick Barnett, Washington Redskins
Jon Beason, New York Giants
Desmond Bishop, Minnesota Vikings
Stewart Bradley, Denver Broncos
Donald Butler, San Diego Chargers
Kavell Conner, Indianapolis Colts
Dan Connor, Carolina Panthers
Blake Costanzo, Chicago Bears
Jacob Cutrera, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Karlos Dansby, Arizona Cardinals
Zac Diles, Tennessee Titans
Dane Fletcher, New England Patriots
London Fletcher, Washington Redskins
Rob Francois, Green Bay Packers
Ramon Humber, New Orleans Saints
Akeem Jordan, Kansas City Chiefs
Bryan Kehl, Washington Redskins
Paris Lenon, Denver Broncos
Josh Mauga, New York Jets
Joe Mays, Houston Texans
Arthur Moats, Buffalo Bills
Perry Riley, Washington Redskins
Darryl Sharpton, Houston Texans
Brandon Spikes, New England Patriots
Austin Spitler, Miami Dolphins
Daryl Smith, Baltimore Ravens
Stevenson Sylvester, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints
D.J. Williams, Chicago Bears
Jason Williams, Carolina Panthers
Will Witherspoon, St. Louis Rams
Wesley Woodyard, Denver Broncos


Michael Adams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Phillip Adams, Oakland Raiders
Javier Arenas, Arizona Cardinals
Aaron Berry, New York Jets
E.J. Biggers, Washington Redskins
Will Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars
Zack Bowman, Chicago Bears
Tarell Brown, San Francisco 49ers
Nolan Carroll, Miami Dolphins
Antoine Cason, Arizona Cardinals
Chris Cook, Minnesota Vikings
Vontae Davis, Indianapolis Colts
Drayton Florence, Carolina Panthers
Dominique Franks, Atlanta Falcons
Brandon Ghee, Cincinnati Bengals
Danny Gorrer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Corey Graham, Philadelphia Eagles
Brent Grimes, Miami Dolphins
DeAngelo Hall, Washington Redskins
Kelvin Hayden, Chicago Bears
Quentin Jammer, Denver Broncos
Mike Jenkins, Oakland Raiders
Elbert Mack, Houston Texans
Richard Marshall, San Diego Chargers
Rashean Mathis, Detroit Lions
Bryan McCann, Arizona Cardinals
Captain Munnerlyn, Carolina Panthers
William Middleton, San Diego Chargers
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Denver Broncos
Trumaine McBride, New York Giants
Sherrick McManis, Chicago Bears
Chris Owens, Miami Dolphins
Tracy Porter, Oakland Raiders
Aaron Ross, New York Giants
Sam Shields, Green Bay Packers
Aqib Talib, New England Patriots
Walter Thurmond III, Seattle Seahawks
Terrell Thomas, New York Giants
Charles Tillman, Chicago Bears
Cassius Vaughn, Indianapolis Colts
Alterraun Verner, Tennessee Titans
Josh Wilson, Washington Redskins
Eric Wright, San Francisco 49ers


Husain Abdullah, Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Adams, Denver Broncos
Nate Allen, Philadelphia Eagles
Colt Anderson, Philadelphia Eagles
Yeremiah Bell, Arizona Cardinals
Antoine Bethea, Indianapolis Colts
Sergio Brown, Indianapolis Colts
Stevie Brown, New York Giants
Jairus Byrd, Buffalo Bills
Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers
Chris Clemons, Miami Dolphins
Kurt Coleman, Philadelphia Eagles
Chris Crocker, Cincinnati Bengals
Quintin Demps, Kansas City Chiefs
Reed Doughty, Washington Redskins
Matt Giordano, St. Louis Rams
Jose Gumbs, Washington Redskins
Michael Huff, Denver Broncos
James Ihedigbo, Baltimore Ravens
Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints
Jim Leonhard, Buffalo Bills
Kendrick Lewis, Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Maragos, Seattle Seahawks
Taylor Mays, Cincinnati Bengals
Danny McCray, Dallas Cowboys
Brandon Meriweather, Washington Redskins
Quintin Mikell, Carolina Panthers
Jeromy Miles, Baltimore Ravens
Mike Mitchell, Carolina Panthers
Ryan Mundy, New York Giants
Bernard Pollard, Tennessee Titans
Ed Reed, New York Jets
Craig Steltz, Chicago Bears
Darian Stewart, St. Louis Rams
Darrell Stuckey, San Diego Chargers
T.J. Ward, Cleveland Browns
John Wendling, Detroit Lions
Donte Whitner, San Francisco 49ers
Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders
Major Wright, Chicago Bears
Usama Young, Oakland Raiders


David Akers, Detroit Lions
Josh Brown, New York Giants
Dan Carpenter, Buffalo Bills
Billy Cundiff, Cleveland Browns
Phil Dawson, San Francisco 49ers
Jay Feely, Arizona Cardinals
Nick Folk, New York Jets
Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers
Shayne Graham, New Orleans Saints
Steven Hauschka, Seattle Seahawks
Rian Lindell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts


Donnie Jones, Philadelphia Eagles
Pat McAfee, Indianapolis Colts
Mat McBriar, Pittsburgh Steelers
Zoltan Mesko, Cincinnati Bengals

Conference Championship Games Produce a Broncos and Seahawks Super Bowl Matchup

Broncos vs Seahawks

Broncos vs Seahawks

Before I move on to the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks I’m going to give you my final thoughts on the conference title games.

I’ll admit to being wrong on both games and thought both road teams would prevail, but things didn’t work out. I was surprised at how easily the Broncos handled the New England Patriots in their 26-16 AFC Championship matchup.

The final score is deceiving because the Broncos were never threatened and were in control from start to finish. They were leading 23-3 before a couple of Patriots TD’s in the fourth quarter made things look more respectable.  But this game wasn’t really that close.

The recent play by the Broncos defensive unit has been nothing short of impressive in their two playoff wins. If this unit can play another 60 minutes of good football then a Lombardi Trophy will be on the way to Denver.

QB Peyton Manning played a flawless game and picked apart the short-handed Patriots defense. Once the Patriots lost CB Aqib Talib I knew they had no chance of slowing down the Broncos offense.

Over in the NFC we had a very hard-fought game that went into the final seconds before the Seattle Seahawks could celebrate. The game actually lived up to the hype as these two rivals went toe-to-toe in a 60 minute war of attrition.

The Seahawks were able to capitalize on a couple of 49ers mistakes to slip past them and into a date with Peyton Manning in New York two weeks from now.

This will be a very intriguing Super Bowl matchup with a great offense (Broncos) going against a great defense (Seahawks).

My early thoughts say the Broncos complete the mission and Manning gets his second ring.