Jim Haslett Let Tony Romo and the Cowboys Off the Hook

Jim Haslett

Jim Haslett

Why didn’t Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett blitz Cowboys QB Tony Romo on that 4th Down and 12 play that wound up costing the Redskins a win? That’s just terrible coaching and I can’t wait until this bum is canned!!

Screw the excuses, you must send extra pass rushers after Romo’s a$$ and force him into making a quicker decision in that situation.  You can’t allow him to have the time he did to move around and survey the field because he will make some plays like that and hurt you.

I’d blitz him every time in that situation and if he beats you then you tip your cap, but he’s got a history of making killer mistakes in the face of a pass rush in crunch time. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett let Romo off the hook right there and there’s no excuse for it happening.

That situation was set up perfectly to bring the heat considering a huge 11 yard loss on the previous play that moved them back to the 12 yardline. The Cowboys were in huge trouble, but our defensive coordinator didn’t see it that way.

The special teams also gift wrapped a first quarter touchdown by allowing a huge punt return that set the Cowboys up on our three yardline. That gave them an early 7-0 lead.

The Redskins will go into Week 17 at the New York Giants with a 3-12 record that includes an 0-5 mark against the NFC East.