How Low Will the New York Giants Go?

Time To Rebuild

Time To Rebuild

How low will the New York Giants go this season after falling to 0-5 with another blowout loss at home? This was supposed to be the week they would get their first win of the season, but I guess somebody forgot to tell Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles because they didn’t cooperate.

The G-Men will be hitting the road for a Thursday night game against the Chicago Bears to get the Week 6 schedule underway just three days from now. This team looks completely worn out and in need of a rebuilding effort in my opinion. Now that wouldn’t include firing head coach Tom Coughlin like some people are suggesting.

Coach Coughlin isn’t the problem, it’s a talent issue and the front office needs to accept the fact that it’s time to clean house and overhaul the roster. It’s time to make some tough decisions that may ruffle some feathers, but look at the product that’s been on the field through the first five weeks. Is that acceptable?

If I was in charge I’d go ahead and get a jump-start on things now and look to trade a couple of players to contending teams with a need. I’d look to start stockpiling draft picks and young prospects, but I wouldn’t include QB Eli Manning or WR Victor Cruz in any deals. They would be the only untouchables, but it’s open season for everyone else.

This season is over and it’s time to start thinking about next season and beyond. It’s hard to believe this team was Super Bowl champions less than two years ago. I’m not trying to pile on things, but this is a bad football team in need of repairs before they can think about contending again. They’ve allowed 182 points in five games and scored only 82. Nothing has went right so far this season and everything seems to be going against them, but that’s part of life in the NFL.

The Giants are the third team in NFL history to allow 30 or more points in each of its first five games, and the second to also turn the ball over at least three times in each of the first five. Their 182 points allowed are the fifth-most in league history through the first five games of a season and the most since 1967.

As a lifelong Washington Redskins fan, I’ve had to watch a lot of bad football teams over the last 20 years. The Giants are a bad team and in serious need of repair, period!

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