RGIII’s Knee Is Holding The Redskins Hostage and It Must Change


The 2013 Washington Redskins season couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start and we’re only six quarters into a 16 game schedule. This is looking like it could be a very long and disappointing season for Redskins fans who thought we had a real Super Bowl contender back in the nation’s capital.

It hurts me to type this because I bleed “Burgundy and Gold”, but we’re not looking anything like the team that ran off seven straight wins to win the NFC East division in 2012.

RGIII looks scared to take off and run even when he has the chance to pickup five yards. Teams aren’t worried about the threat of RGIII running now because he won’t do it and that’s a huge factor in how a defense plays us.

I’m not suggesting have RGIII start running like crazy, but we have to have him take off and run a few times to make teams respect it again. With RGIII being a dual threat it opens up everything else.

RGIII needs to be willing to do whatever it takes to win ballgames and if he’s scared to run then he shouldn’t be on the field until he isn’t, period!

You can see how different offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s play calling has been through the first six quarters. If this is how it’s going to be then I think we need to go with backup QB Kirk Cousins until RGIII’s ready to be RGIII again.

No one person is bigger than a team and I don’t care who it is. You’ve got to do whatever is best to give the team a chance to win and right now this version of RGIII doesn’t give the Redskins the best chance to win.

Right now the team is being held hostage because of his knee and I think it’s wrong. I love RGIII as our QB, but he’s not right and it’s killing us. Our defense isn’t as bad as it seems because our offense doesn’t give them enough time to rest. We’re 2-for-14 on third down conversions through six quarters. Plus we’re turning the ball over and putting them in tough spots.

I don’t blame RGIII for everything that is going on with the team because other players are making mistakes as well.

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