Donovan McNabb’s Sounding Like a Bitter Ex-Wife and Needs To Shut Up!

Donovan McNabb’s a complete idiot and needs to shut up and move on! He’s always taking shots at the Washington Redskins every chance he gets. It reminds me of a bitter women that just can’t let go of her ex-husband. His latest comments may be the most ignorant to date:

“I’m just trying to help him, but clearly the young generation think they have all the answers,” McNabb said. “And he’s going through a little turmoil right now of trying to get out on the field. And it’s unfortunate, but that’s where we’re at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers.

“I honestly think that over there in Washington he’s getting brainwashed.”

He’s talking about RGIII being held out of preseason games by head coach Mike Shanahan and trying to throw a little fuel on the fire if possible, but it’s actually pathetic, as well as ignorant. McNabb’s got an axe to grind from his one very disappointing season in D.C. and has taken verbal jabs several times in the last couple years, but enough is enough, clown.

I can’t believe a guy who wouldn’t stand up for himself during his playing days has actually grown a set now that he’s off the field. I’ve got no problem if a guy wants to take a few shots at a former team or coach and get it out of their system, but this guy just won’t stop.

His comments also raise another question about his mental state. Does he really believe he can work with young NFL QB’s? What did he ever do on the field besides choke in big games? Plus his mechanics sucked and once he lost a step it was over for him.

I don’t blame RGIII for staying away from this delusional nutcase and recommend other young QB’s do the same.

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