Allen Iverson, Accused Of Kidnapping His Children By Bitter Ex-Wife

The downward spiral of former NBA superstar Allen Iverson continues with his ex-wife accusing him of kidnapping their five children and holding them in an Atlanta hotel. To be perfectly honest with you I think this is some straight up B.$. that his ex-wife has thrown at him.

When I first heard about this I thought A.I. had finally had his long-awaited breakdown that so many have predicted for him, but then after digging into this thing a little further I’m not so sure he did anything wrong except piss off his ex. But that isn’t a crime is it?

I’m not going to get on here and paint him as an angel because he’s not, but I don’t think he did anything wrong. There’s a lot of online news sites making this sound like he took the kids and was holed up in some hotel with the kids being held like hostages by an out of control Iverson.

According to TMZ, Iverson appeared in a Georgia court on June 12, denying any wrongdoing. He said his ex-wife had full access to his children during their stay in Atlanta — and that she refused to drive 45 minutes to pick them up.

TMZ also reports that Tawanna Iverson testified that she did not pick up the children because they were a 45-minute drive away. How is that kidnapping?

Does that sound like kidnapping to you? It sounds more like a bitter, pissed off ex-wife that was mad at him for wanting her to drive 45 minutes to pick up the kids. She knew exactly where they were and if she was really that concerned for their safety then why didn’t she go and “rescue” them? Or call the Atlanta P.D. and have them intervene right away?

An Atlanta news reporter was able to go straight to the hotel and find Iverson with his children in the video below. Everything appears to be fine.

Another thing I’d like to point out before moving on. The former Mrs. Iverson has pointed out Mr. Iverson’s excessive  use of alcohol many times throughout their messy divorce proceedings. I’m not faulting her for that because it’s public knowledge that alcohol contributed to many of his off the court issues during his NBA career.

My point for bringing that up is that she’d rather have him behind the wheel of a car with their kids, and quite possibly drunk, than to make a 45-minute drive herself. What really matters the most, your kids’ safety, or proving a point ex-Mrs. Iverson?

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