Mission Accomplished: Ravens Win Second Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens accomplished their mission of winning the franchise’s second Super Bowl and sending LB Ray Lewis off to Canton as a two-time champion.

This game appeared to be heading in the direction of a blowout with the Ravens leading the San Fransisco 49ers 28-6 after Jacoby Jones opened the second half with a 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. The 49ers were on the ropes and the Ravens had all the momentum going their way at that point, but then things got weird with the lights going out that caused a 34 minute game delay.

That break allowed the 49ers to regroup and gather themselves while stifling all the Ravens momentum. It was a completely different game after the lights came back on with the 49ers seizing control and storming back with 17 points to cut the  Ravens lead to 28-23 going into the fourth quarter.

All of the sudden what appeared to be clunker of a Super Bowl turned into classic as these two heavyweights went toe-to-toe over the last 15 minutes with the Lombardi Trophy hanging in the balance.

I’ve seen dramatic momentum shifts in sports, but never one like this in a Super Bowl and I give the 49ers credit for clawing their way back into this game. They were five yards away from completing an unbelievable comeback and stealing this game, but the Ravens defense rose to the occasion and kept them from scoring.

There’s no doubt in my mind the power outage was the cause of the momentum switch, but the battle tested Ravens were able to do just enough to hang on.

I thought WR Jacoby Jones was the game’s MVP up until the lights went out with the Ravens ahead by 22 points because of his two spectacular TD’s. I had Jones just ahead of QB Joe Flacco who was playing a very good game as well. But then after the 49ers came to life Flacco made some big time throws to get his team in range for two Justin Tucker field goals that allowed the Ravens to keep the 49ers at bay. Without Flacco the Ravens wouldn’t have been able to hold off the hard charging 49ers and that makes him the MVP in my opinion.

Game Notes:

  • Didn’t like the fake field goal by the Ravens in the first half with them leading 14-3. It almost came back to bite them in the rear if you know what I mean.
  • Gave the 49ers an extra field goal chance because of a stupid penalty after a David Akers miss. Then right on cue Akers drilled the rekick which gave the 49ers three points. 
  • RB Ray Rice had another costly postseason fumble that set the 49ers up for an easy TD, but his teammates were able to bail him out. Rice hardly ever fumbles during the regular season, but the playoffs are a different story.
  • Joe Flacco had 11 TD’s and 0 INT’s during the Ravens four playoff games this season. He’s also up for a new contract and a huge pay raise. With Ray Lewis gone Flacco becomes the face of the franchise.

Question: Can the Ravens repeat next season?

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