Getting Ready For Your 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft

Fantasy Baseball Is Back!

I’m fired up for the 2013 Fantasy Baseball season and can’t wait for it to start! I’m now finishing up my draft preparations for the different leagues that I play in.

I actually started preparing for this year’s drafts while last season was still going. I was making notes and preparing different lists of players so that it would make it easier for me to be ready when this year’s drafts rolled around. I know that may sound crazy to some people, but I hate to lose. Being prepared is your first step to winning a championship!

This will be my 3rd year playing fantasy baseball and I play in only head-to-head leagues. I’ve learned a lot since I started playing and being ready for your draft is the very first lesson I learned. You also need to understand your league’s roster requirements and scoring format before sitting down to draft your team because that can have a huge impact on a player’s value.

Another big thing that I can’t stress enough is to be very careful about where you’re getting information when doing player and strategy research. The reason I say this is  a writer could be a fantasy baseball genius, but he may be writing about a totally different scoring system than what your league uses. Trust me on this because it happens and it happened to me when I first got started. I felt like an idiot after figuring that out, but it was a good lesson learned.

I’ve only played in head-to-head leagues that have a weekly scoring format and love it. I started out in 2011 in a AL Only league and ended up sneaking into the playoffs and came away with the league championship. Then I stepped it up last season by playing in a league with every MLB player eligible to be drafted.

My team stumbled out of the gate at 2-4 and I was scrathing my head because I thought I had built a powerhouse of a team in the draft. But things started to click and my team finished 20-5 as I took home another league championship!

I also played in two leagues last season and one team missed the playoffs while my other team lost in the first round.

The main thing is to be prepared and understand your league’s setup when you sit down to draft your team. You don’t have to spend hours and hours getting ready, but that’s entirely up to you.

The last thing I’ll say is that your pitching staff is the key to winning a fantasy baseball championship in head-to-head leagues. Once I figured that aspect out everything else fell into place. There’s a little more to it, like how you setup your weekly rotation, but the bottom line is that your pitching staff is the key.

I’ll get more in-depth about why a pitching staff is so important and offer some insight on how you can use it to maximize its potential in my next fantasy baseball post.

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