RG3 and Redskins Run Out Of Gas In Loss To Seahawks

RG3′s Final Play Of Rookie Season

The great rookie season of RG3 leading the Washington Redskins back to the NFC Playoffs ended with a 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Give the Seahawks a lot of credit for hanging in this game after finding themselves down 14-0 going into the second quarter and fighting back to win. They were staggered and looked like a fighter on the verge of getting K.O.’d, but they were able to survive the early storm. The Redskins were unable to land that last big blow and the Seahawks made them pay for it later.

The game actually started off great and the Redskins ran the ball down the Seahawks throats with RB Alfred Morris leading the way. Even RG3 made a couple of decent runs and ended both drives with 3rd Down TD passes. But his injured knee flared up near the end of the second scoring drive and that’s when things changed.

The Redskins offense could never find that early rhythm again and the Seahawks kept chipping away until they finally took the lead early in the fourth quarter. QB Russell Wilson gave the Redskins a dose of their own medicine with his mobility and running ability being huge keys in the Seahawks overcoming that big early hole. Wilson did exactly what a healthy RG3 was doing to teams all season until he injured his knee.

I think the Redskins went away from running Morris and would’ve liked to see the bulldozer get more carries. Morris carried the ball 16 times for 80 yards and I’d have liked to see at least 10 more, but who knows if that would’ve changed the outcome?

Now the Monday Morning QB’s will be going after Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan for letting RG3 play in this game. It’s already started, but I don’t have a problem with the kid playing and think it’s unfair to go after the coach. RG3′s been playing like this for weeks and nobody had a big issue with it last week when the team beat the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East. It’s easy to sit back and point things out after the game’s been played.

RG3′s a football player and wants to be out on that field fighting with his teammates to win games. Football’s a violent game and people get hurt playing it and guys play hurt every week.

I think coach Shanahan’s in a no-win situation right here because if he holds RG3 out and they lose people would go after him for resting the kid in a playoff game. Now he’s being targeted for playing him because the team lost, but I bet there wouldn’t be much fuss at all if the team had won this game. Remember last week after beating the ‘Boys? There was no big controversy about playing him and it was clear the knee wasn’t right, but we won the game.

I’m very impressed with what type of gamer RG3 is after sitting back and watching him play this season. I knew he was going to be a good player, but I wasn’t aware of how tough this guy is and the leadership he displayed as a rookie is amazing. He hasn’t been healthy in weeks, but fought through it and gave us everything he possibly could to reach the postseason.

Now that the season’s over the team needs to get him healthy before putting him back on the field. If he needs surgery then do it as soon as possible, but he needs to be 100% healthy before I’d think about letting him near a football field again. Even if that means he misses the start of next season. I’m hoping that he won’t need to have surgery, but after looking at him limping off the field today I’d be surprised if he didn’t need something done. Stay tuned.

Key Plays In The Game:

  • Late 1st Qtr. (Redskins leading 14-0) Seahawks facing 3rd Down and 12 on own 18 yd line and get first down. Drive results in a FG
  • 2nd Qtr. (Redskins leading 14-3) Wilson fumble that Marshawn Lynch picked up and ran for 20 yds. Drive results in TD
  • 4th Qtr. (Redskins leading 14-13) Seahawks facing 3rd Down and 10 on own 46 yd line and TE Zach Miller picks up 22 yards. Drive results in TD




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