Jerry Jones Says Changes Are On The Way After Loss To Redskins

I just got finished listening to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones do his weekly radio show and he didn’t sound like a happy man. He said that it’s going to be an uncomfortable time at Valley Ranch in the coming weeks and months ahead because changes are coming.

A lot of what he said makes sense, but does he have the right solution to finally fix the Cowboys problems? Mr. Jones wouldn’t elaborate on exactly what changes he’s going to make, but listening to his comments here’s what I think:

  • Norv Turner’s coming on board to work with the offense
  • Rob Ryan’s getting a pink slip

During the interview the owner stated that Jason Garrett has worked with QB Tony Romo for six seasons and the results haven’t improved. I think Garrett keeps his job, but the recently fired Turner will head back to Dallas as the offensive coordinator. Remember that Turner was the OC when the ‘Boys won three Super Bowls back in the mid 90′s. I can see Jones bringing him back in that same capacity and Garrett will have to just accept it, period.

The reason I think Ryan’s in trouble is because of Jones commenting on how much the team played from behind during the regular season.

Now I could be way off base with my predictions here, but one thing I’m sure of is that changes are coming to Valley Ranch. It’s a good interview to listen to if you’ve got a few minutes and here’s the link.

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