What To Make Of 12-0 Buckeyes

Ohio State capped off a perfect season by defeating Michigan last week. Urban Meyer received the Gatorade shower; Buckeye nation erupted. But what does 12-0 mean for a team that can’t play in the post season?

More than you might think.

As I’m typing this, we’re about 3 hours removed from the SEC Championship game, a showdown between Number 2 and Number 3, Alabama and Georgia. But a 12-0 Buckeye team that is BCS eligible obviously resides above both of those teams, taking a lot of impact away from that game. It’s Ohio State playing Notre Dame, not Alabama.

Flash back a few weeks ago. Kansas State and Oregon both fall on the same night, sending the BCS standings into complete chaos. Who fits where? Who deserves what? But think about it. If Ohio State is eligible, all that night did was clear the fog.

And believe me; I’m not the only one who knows this. I bet Urban Meyer knows. I bet Braxton Miller knows. I bet that whole Buckeye team knows what they could be playing for in early January of 2013. That kind of thing eats at you in your sleep. And when you’re not asleep, the thoughts are so alive it makes you wish you were asleep.

Perfect, but nothing to show for it.

Of course, when I say “nothing,” I mean they don’t get a shot to push perfection to 13-0 and then 14-0. But all this Buckeye team did this year was win. And beyond that, they did it all under first year coach Urban Meyer. All the experience in the world at different schools can only help you so much when you move on to the next one. It’s safe to say this wasn’t expected.

Even in the spring and fall, Meyer was preaching how he didn’t want to coach average players, and his players shouldn’t expect average from each other. There was something more beneath the surface. I think they found it.

It stops at 12-0. But let me just say: this is only the beginning.

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