Redskins Take Care Of Business With A Hard-Fought 17-16 Win Over Giants

The Washington Redskins are very much alive and well in the NFC Playoff race after their hard-fought 17-16 win over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

The Redskins are now sitting one game behind the Giants in the NFC East and have a great shot at winning the division. There’s more work that needs to be done over the final four weeks, but they’ve given themselves a chance.

This was a must win game and the Redskins showed up and went toe to toe with the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants for the second time this season. But they were able to find a way to win this one. This was a hard-hitting game and I was very impressed with how the ‘Skins fought through some adversity and just kept on fighting.

Rookies RG3 and Alfred Morris continue to make big plays for the offense and WR Pierre Garcon’s showing he can be a big time difference maker when he’s on the field.

It was great to see the defense rise up and get some crucial stops against the Giants in the second half considering they were beaten like a drum during the first 30 minutes of play.

I admit that I got very, very nervous when RB Alfred Morris fumbled the ball away midway through the third quarter with the Redskins inside the red zone. I couldn’t help but to think here we go again. It’s something we’ve dealt with for years where we play a good team very hard and have our chances to win, but come up just short. I can’t begin to tell you how sick and tired I am of moral victories. Moral victories don’t get you into the postseason.

I know the Redskins first TD came on a lucky bounce with WR Josh Morgan recovering an RG3 fumble and scoring. But the way see it is that great players get some plays like that during their career.

Look at Giants QB Eli Manning in the Super Bowl against the Patriots when he spun out of a 4th down sack and threw the ball up for grabs down the middle of the field that helped to rally his team to a championship. Or QB Brett Favre heaving up deep passes that had no business being thrown, but somehow it gets completed.

I know RG3′s only 12 games into his NFL career, but I think it’s safe to say he’s in that elite of the elite class of players already. This team’s getting on a serious roll and gaining momentum with each win at the right time of the season. It’s going to be a fun month of December for Redskins Nation!

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