Redskins and Cowboys Rivalry Highlights

The video below has two bizarre endings from the rivalry that came during the second Joe Gibbs era.

The first one has the two late 4th quarter Mark Brunell to Santana Moss bombs that erased a 13-0 Cowboys lead and gave the Redskins a 14-13 win.

That was on Monday Night Football and the Washington Redskins offense hadn’t done much of anything all game. I hate to lose to the  Dallas Cowboys, but getting shutout by them takes it to another level as far as I’m concerned and it was really starting to look like that was dangerously close to happening.

Then out of nowhere Brunell hit Moss for a long TD and my first thought was that at least we wouldn’t get shutout. But then we got the ball back and the suddenly dynamic duo did it again! I was just as stunned as the Cowboys after the second bomb gave the Redskins a 14-13 lead, wow!

Of course being a tortured D.C. sports fan that’s had the rug ripped out from under me so many times by our sports teams not being able to close out a game, I started to panic. Did we leave them to much time? I could just see them getting a big play to get into field goal range and ripping our hearts out again, but then Sean Taylor stepped up and drilled WR Patrick Crayton on 4th Down to secure the win. That play is also shown on the video. Look at how far the ball went in the opposite direction when Taylor blasted him.

The second highlight shows the bizarre extra play field goal by kicker Nick Novak that gave the Redskins a 22-19 win. The Cowboys were attempting to kick a game winning field with the game clock expiring, but the Redskins blocked the kick and Novak kicked the game winner on the very next play.

Sean Taylor was also involved in that play by scooping up the blocked kick. During Taylor’s run back there was a facemask penalty called on the Cowboys and the 15 yards that were added to the end of the play allowed the Redskins to kick the game winning field goal.

The penalty against the Cowboys gave the Redskins one untimed play and the rest is history. The swing of emotions in just a few seconds was unbelievable!

I’ve watched the Redskins and Cowboys battle for over three decades. I’ve seen all sorts of wild and crazy things happen over the years with both teams pulling off unbelievable comebacks that leave their rival and its fan base stunned. It’s a great feeling when it’s your favorite team on the winning side and indescribable disappointment when it goes the other way.

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