A Reinvigorated Rivalry Between The Redskins and Cowboys Will Be On Display Sunday Night

The Washington Redskins will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football with the NFC East division championship and a trip to the NFC Playoffs on the line. It doesn’t get any better than this my friends!

I just can’t see the Redskins letting this golden opportunity slip through their hands by losing to the Cowboys, but I know anything is possible when these two rivals square off. This is the best rivalry in all of sports in my opinion and it’s been given some much-needed juice this season with more on the way Sunday Night!

I admit the rivalry hasn’t had the fire and passion that it once did because both franchises have been stuck in perpetual mediocrity over the last several years. There were a few occasions when the teams played and the spark was there, but nothing was ever sustained. But this feels different and I think the rebirth of the rivalry is here.

You know something is up when former players from both sides start yapping to the media. Former Redskins DE Dexter Manley and former Cowboys WR Drew Pearson are just a couple of the former players throwing more fuel on the fire this week and I love it!

The 1982 NFC Championship Game was my first taste of this rivalry as a little kid and I’ve been hooked ever since. I remember watching Dexter Manley plaster Cowboys QB Danny White into the cold RFK Stadium turf and how everyone was going crazy. That was the day I caught Burgundy and Gold fever!

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