Maryland, Rutgers in talks with Big Ten

While Kansas State and Oregon were busy making sure the BCS went into complete chaos, news was breaking of Maryland and Rutgers possibly joining the Big Ten Conference.

We all thought the conference realignment madness was drawing to an end, and Notre Dame making a partial move to the ACC would pretty much wrap things us for the time being. Short-lived rumors of Texas and Oklahoma joining the Pac-12 faded out. Florida State to the Big 12 never really became a serious discussion. I thought we could rest in peace for the first time in a couple years.

Not so fast, my friend!

According to numerous reports, the discussions between Maryland and Rutgers and the Big Ten is are to be taken seriously. Although Big Ten, ACC, and Maryland officials have neglected to comment on the matter, you don’t have to dig deep to find a logical explanation for moving conferences.

Maryland and Florida State were the only two schools in the ACC who voted against bumping the conference exit fee up to $50 million, a $30 million spike for the previous fee requirements. Finances could be an issue for Maryland in this potential move. On the flip side, the Big East exit fee for Rutgers is only $10 million IF the school provides at least 27 months’ notice. The conference did recently allow Syracuse, Pitt and West Virginia to leave without honoring the 27 month notice by paying a higher fee.

Sources with direct knowledge from Maryland are indicating that the school wants to make the move to the Big Ten, and Rutgers would undoubtedly follow the leader.

Although no date has been set for an official announcement, the Maryland board of regents is meeting at 9 a.m. on Monday morning to make the decision.

If Maryland and Rutgers join the Big Ten, it would bring the conference to 14 teams.

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