Collin Klein Heisman – Yes Or No?

  College football is winding down, slowly but surely.  And with the end drawing near, it means we are looking forward to two things: the National Championship and the Heisman.

The Heisman trophy is arguably the greatest individual accolade an athlete could ever have next to their name. It’s the Nobel Prize of sports. One a student athlete gets to write their name in the history books until books are replaced by technology. Okay — forever.

As it seems to happen very year, we’ve had a wild chase to New York.

West Virginias’s Geno Smith was seen as a clean lock early in the season and for good reason. He was playing the best football of anyone in the nation. But if recent Heisman history has taught us anything, it’s that the early season favorite stumbles. Geno Smith stumbled.

Alabama’s AJ McCarron was never leading the race, in my opinion, but he’s always kept his name in the mix. Unfortunately, the Crimson Tide don’t need McCarron to turn into Superman because they are such a balanced team. The skill is there; the opportunity isn’t.

So with all due respect to your favorite player, this has dwindled down to a three-man race between: Collin Klein, Kanjon Barner, and Manti Te’o.

Manti Te’o is one of the most exciting players in all of college football, and the fact that he is doing it from the defensive end of the ball is even more impressive. But I think he’s the third man in the race, with no disrespect to the advocates of defense.

He’s one of the most special players to play the game in a while, but Klein are Barner are simply better, more qualified.

Kenjon Barner is the anchor of the most explosive offenses in all of college football. He has tremendous speed, agility, and pure football instincts. If I could only choose one player to watch on Saturdays, it would be Barner.

But does he possess the necessary stats and play-making ability to pass Collin Klein?


Collin Klein will win the Heisman trophy this season. He is the most complete football player in the country and well on his way to leading Kansas State to the National Championship.

The bottom line, deciding factor for me is he has the biggest impact on his team, more than Te’o or Barner.

That is why Collin Klein wins the Heisman trophy.

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