A.L. Playoffs: New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles Series Prediction

Will this be the series when the clock strikes midnight on the Cinderella Baltimore Orioles season?

There’s no need to breakdown all the stats and numbers because the Orioles defy logic and just win baseball games. The Orioles are a very dangerous team because they aren’t one of those feel good stories where a team overachieves and is happy to just get into the postseason party, they’re coming to crash the party and take home a World Series Trophy. They just keep grinding out wins with different guys stepping up and making plays each day.

The Orioles and New York Yankees split the season series 9-9 with each team going 6-3 on the road. Manager Buck Showalter’s pushed all the right buttons and has done a superb job leading the Orioles this season and is a strong candidate for the A.L. Manager Of The Year Award for his work this year.

The Yankees did a great job in fighting through adversity and winning the A.L. East Division when it looked like they had run out of gas heading into September. That late season rebound allowed them to earn the #1 seed in the A.L. Playoffs as well.

The Yankees have the better pitching staff, but the Orioles have a great bullpen that’s really came through for them this season. Closer Jim Johnson led MLB with 51 saves.

Ichiro Suzuki has hit .385 over the last month of the regular season and Curtis Granderson has hit 9 HR’s with 25 RBI’s in his last 23 games. Veteran Derek Jeter always seems to make things happen in October and had a great regular season.

Prediction: Yankees in five


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