Stupid Penalty Dooms Redskins In A Mistake Filled Loss

The 15-yard penalty that Washington Redskins WR Josh Morgan committed at the end of the Redskins 31-28 loss to the St. Louis Rams is inexcusable, period! I don’t care how mad you get you don’t throw the football at an opponent like he did.

That penalty turned a 47-yard game tying field goal attempt by kicker Billy Cundiff into a 62-yard desperation try. A 47-yard field goal isn’t a chip shot, but it’s a makeable kick. After having some trouble from the 40-49 yard range earlier in his NFL career Cundiff has been money by hitting 16 of his last 19 attempts from that distance.

You can’t blame this whole loss on Morgan’s penalty or the terrible officiating because the Redskins made plenty of other mistakes throughout the game.

After pointing out Morgan’s ignorant play I’ll move on to the next item on the list, the defense.

Defensive coordinator Jim Hasslett’s game plan was questionable at best and to be honest, I thought it downright sucked. I thought it was a scared game plan and I can’t figure out why he gave the Rams so much respect and played so soft in coverage. Where were the adjustments? The Rams rolled up 452 total yards, almost 100 yards more than the Saints got in week one. That’s unexceptible!

You can overlook some of the big plays the defense allowed to the Saints because that offensive unit is one of the best in NFL history, but the Rams offense isn’t in the same class.

It looked like the type of game plan you’d expect to see when you’re facing a team led by Tom Brady and Wes Welker, not Sam Bradford and Danny Amendola. What have they done to earn such respect?

A week after holding the Saints to 18% on 3rd down conversions the defense allowed the Rams to convert 58% in today’s loss.

I’ll be the first person to say the officiating in this game sucked even more than Hasslett’s defensive game plan, but don’t blame this loss on them because both teams were screwed out of calls in this game.

For the second straight week a Redskins punt was blocked that set up a Rams touchdown late in the 3rd quarter. You may go two or three seasons without giving up a blocked punt, but we’ve done it in back-to-back games to start the season.

Blaming the incompetent replacement referee’s is the easy way out and takes the focus off the real culprits in this ugly loss, the Redskins themselves!

Check out the video of Morgan’s penalty below.

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