Biggest NFL Storyline Heading Into Week 3


After two weeks of regular season games the biggest NFL storyline heading into week 3 has become the replacement referee’s.

There’s been blown calls and major non-calls that’s starting to put players’ safety at risk. I’m not even going to start on all the game mismanagement issues that seem to be piling up at an alarming rate.

What’s it going to take before the NFL gets a deal done with the regular referees? I hope it happens before someone gets seriously injured. The two sides aren’t that far apart in their negotiations and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to put his money where his mouth is and make a deal happen, now.

Commissioner Goodell’s always talking about the league being very concerned about player safety issues, but this situation proves that’s all B.S. and nothing more than lip service in my opinion. If the league really cared then we wouldn’t be talking about this problem, period.

The physical play on the field has escalated into cheap shots being taken. You can also clearly see instances where some coaches and players are swaying these replacement ref’s into making favorable calls or non calls that regular ref’s would never allow.

Football’s a dangerous sport and players get hurt all the time even with the regular ref’s on the field, but the chances of a player getting injured has risen dramatically with the replacements on the field.

This problem was caused by greedy NFL owners. These replacement guys are out there doing the best they can, but they’re not qualified to be working regular season NFL games and it’s painfully obvious to anybody that watches a game.

I’ve tried to stay away from this issue and I hoped things would improve as these crews gained more on-field experience, but things actually seem to be going backwards. I was wrong and enough is enough! The NFL needs to get the regular game officials back on the field where they belong!

I disagree with the people who say these calls haven’t affected the outcome of a game yet. I believe they have had an impact on a few games and will continue to do so until we get the regular ref’s back on the field.

There just hasn’t been any big end of the game blunders for people to see, but there’s botched calls all game long and when added up how does that not affect the outcome of a game?

If a team gets the benefit of a penalty in the first quarter that keeps a drive alive instead of having to punt and then scores a touchdown and goes on to win a 24-21 game, how’s that not affecting the outcome of a game?

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