After Stumbling Out Of The Gate My Fantasy Baseball Teams Are Showing Signs Of Life

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My fantasy baseball teams all stumbled out of the gate and lost in week one of the 2012 Fantasy Baseball season. I couldn’t believe it and was actually quite stunned to be honest with you. All of my anticipation and excitement for the start of the season quickly went away after all three teams lost.

Now all three teams have come to life and lead going into Sunday which is the final day of the scoring week. All of my teams are playing in mixed head to head leagues. I have one on and then I have two playing in separate leagues.

There’s some minor scoring differences in the two leagues and on building your pitching staff. The CBS league allows you to draft your own pitchers, but the MLB league has you draft whole pitching staffs. There’s pros and cons to each, but I’d prefer to draft your own staff.

Week One Final Notes:

Overall slow start from the starting lineup and pitching staff as well. Between Gio Gonzalez, Ricky Romero, and Mariano Rivera they combined for -4.5 points on the week. Plus Ryan Zimmerman and Curtis Granderson totaled 9 points. All of those players totaled a whopping 4.5 points in the opening week loss.

I should have known something was up going into the first week when I lost my closer Drew Storen and starting pitcher Michael Pineda to the disabled list.

A very slow start and a mistake on my part to start Lorenzo Cain who is now on the DL. The team is missing Mike Morse, but should recover and be fine.

Another slow start that ended in a blowout loss. Mike Napoli, Jimmy Rollins, and Curtis Granderson totaled a whopping 11 points during the scoring week. I also had Lorenzo Cain in the lineup and he had a 4 point week. I like the kid, but I must admit it was a mistake on my part.


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