Could The Phillies statement regarding Chase Utley Be Another Sign The Team’s Window Is Closing?

The Philadelphia Phillies issue the following statement regarding Chase Utley:

“Chase’s rehab process has come to a bit of a plateau.  He has made some strides but not enough to take the field.  He is headed out of town for a few days to be evaluated by a specialist that has helped athletes overcome his issue.  We anticipate that this trip will allow him to build on what he has already done with Scott Sheridan in order to get over the hump.  He wants more than anything to be on the field with his teammates and we believe that this is a step in that direction.”

Ruben Amaro Jr.
Senior Vice President & General Manager

This is another blow to the defending NL East Champions at the start of the 2012 MLB season. Ryan Howard’s out with his own injury and nobody knows when or if he’ll be able to play this season. Pitcher Roy Halladay’s been getting beat like he stole something so far this spring and looking nothing like his usual dominant self. Could this be the end of the Phillies stranglehold on the NL East Division?

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