Peyton Manning Has No Future In Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts are moving in another direction at the quarterback position without Peyton Manning and the writing’s been on the wall for quite sometime. Look at the moves owner Jim Irsay’s made since the end of the regular season and it’s an easy thing to see coming.

The Colts have a new front office and a new head coach plus the owner’s recent public spat with the aging quarterback is more than enough proof of the team’s intention to move on next season.

The only drama left to play out is how and when the split between the two sides will take place. I’m not totally sold on Manning playing in the NFL again because of his neck injury, but if he does play it won’t be in a Colts uniform.

Manning’s due a $28 million dollar bonus in early March and if the team doesn’t pay it he becomes a free agent, but there’s other scenarios that could play out. The bonus could be pushed back if both sides agree to do that or a trade to another team could also be worked out.

Here’s the biggest telltale sign that a split is imminent, Mr. Irsay has went out of his way on numerous occasions to let everyone know that he’s making the decision on Manning’s future with the team. He’s shielding his new front office and coaching staff from any potential fan  fallout that’s sure to happen. I think it’s a smart move by the owner, but it clearly tips his hand as to what’s coming.

The video below is from CSN Washington.

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