Looking At The NFC East At The Quarter Pole

It’s hard to believe the 2011 NFL season has reached the quarter pole and everyone has played four games already. The NFC East standings look upside down according to what the experts and NFL gurus were predicting as the season got underway last month, but we still have aways to go.

The Washington Redskins and New York Giants are leading the way right now with 3-1 records, but the Redskins are in first place because of their head to head win over the Giants in the season opener. Both teams were being viewed as the bottom feeders of the division before the season.

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-2 and could easily be 4-0 or 0-4 because the franchise is so dependent on schizophrenic quarterback Tony Romo. Romo looks great at times and then without any warning the wheels fall off and the guy completely implodes. The Cowboys have some real talent on the team, but will never get to where they want to go with Romo at quarterback.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently residing in the basement at 1-3 and seem on the verge of having a team wide Romo. The Eagles made a lot of splashy moves and acquired some high profile players in their attempt at winning the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

They really put a bullseye on their own backs by having some players come out and label themselves as a “Dream Team” without ever winning a game. They need to get it together soon or risk this season getting away from them.

NFC East Week Five Action

  • Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills
  • Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants
  • Washington Redskins Bye Week
  • Dallas Cowboys Bye Week
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