Playing In The Fantasy Baseball Championship Game

My rookie year of playing fantasy baseball may end up with a championship! I’ve made it into the championship game after getting into the playoffs and advancing into the finals. I’m playing in an AL Only league run by and made the playoffs as the fourth seed out of four teams to make the playoffs.

I beat the number one seed in last weeks first round game 255-126 to advance. My team was 0-2 against the number one seed during the regular season and one loss came by one point. I had a huge week from outfielder Josh Willingham who had a 36 point week in place of injured Carlos Quentin. Quentin had been my starter all season until he got injured and went on the disabled list.

My team has won two out of three from the number two seed who we’re playing in this weeks championship round. I had to make some roster moves going into this round and I hope there the right ones to make. I’ve always been a firm believer in going with the lineup that got you into the dance, but I had no choice. Some players are being shutdown for the rest of the season by their teams.

Here are the moves I made and my thought process in making them.

Mauer was shutdown by the Minnesota Twins and Pierzynski is swinging a hot bat for the Chicago White Sox. He’s hitting over .290 and doesn’t strikeout a lot, 31 in 431 at bats. Strikeouts are minus one point and we’re playing for keeps now.

This move I made on my own because Garcia has been struggling big time for the N.Y. Yankees lately. The kid Teaford has made only two starts, but won both and looked very impressive for the Kansas City Royals. The Royals will give him one more start before sitting him and that’s all I need.

Hochevar is being sat by the Kansas City Royals after having a nice second half. Guthrie is 8-17 on the season, but 4-1 in his last five starts. He’s had some tough luck this year, but I’m encouraged by his recent surge.    

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