Are The Redskins Looking To Deal Chris Cooley?

Are the Washington Redskins looking to trade fan favorite, TE Chris Cooley? According to a post on Riggo’s Rag they may looking to deal him before the NFL Draft. I like Chris Cooley and he has become a favorite among Redskins Nation during his 7 seasons with the team. He is coming off a 77 catch 849 yard season in his first season in the Mike Shanahan offense.

I’ve heard these same Cooley trade rumors for the last couple of seasons, but something tells me this one may have some substance to it. It appears that someone close to the coaching staff has leaked this to the media, but as usual we don’t know for certain. Cooley was drafted by coach Joe Gibbs in his return to coaching in 2004 and has been a key offensive contributor with 420 pass receptions for the Burgundy and Gold as Doc Walker likes to say.

What could the Redskins get in a trade for Cooley? I know he has some value and still has some good football left in him, but I’m not sure what another team would be willing to part with to get him. If it’s draft picks, what could the team get that would be enticing enough to deal him? I just don’t see someone willing to give the team a high enough draft pick or picks to make the deal a good one for the Redskins.


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